Kelly Collins

  • City: Moscow
  • Country: Russia
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5.38
  • Weight: 95
  • Stats: 30/26/32

Kelly Collins is from Moscow, Russia. She is the living definition of charming! Her elegance is unrivaled and her smile is almost too beautiful to handle! Kelly loves to dance, she sees it as a way of expressing herself, without having to say a word! Her shows definitely prove her right! She is one of the sweetest models we've had the pleasure of having. She reads, she sings, she draws...and the list goes on! She would be a master of every form of art there is if she had the time! Let yourself be mesmerized by Kelly with her remarkable performances!


Rorschach's Test
Frolicking In Blue
Party Pink
A Star At Night
Boho Pink
Ma Petite Robe Rouge
Sail Me To The Moon
Delicious Sin