Rebecca Volpetti

  • City: Roma
  • Country: Italy
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5.25
  • Weight: 99
  • Stats: 30/28.6/29

Rebecca Volpetti is Italian, she lives in Rome when not in a plane for shooting! She has a tatoo above her right hip that says: "Fall down seven times, Stand up eight", a japanese proverb that reveals a lot of her italian personality: sunny shiny and at the same time strong and resistant! Nothing can stop her career, especially with her slim, toned & beautiful body!


Naughty & Vulnerable
Booted And Netted
The Stars Come Off At Night
The Siren In The Net
Leave Innocence Behind
Nuit De Noces
Le Demon De Midi
Impressive Beauty
Lucky In Love
High Spirits
Taste Me
Hot Summer Days
Alpha Female
Tempting Tease
Fancy Free
Make Your Move
No Way Out